Yearning is the 4th episode of the anime.


A year and a half passes by and after a long uneventful stretch, Yumemi once again starts to see pieces of land from the Heavens falling to the lower world where she resides. Up in the Heavens, the Magical Kingdom is once again under siege by the heavenly state of Horguze. After a bit of a struggle, Munto manages to fend off the attackers by targeting and destroying their command ship. They are joined by some of the Ender forces, led by Lieca, who offers to come to their aid. The attacks by Horguze and some other heavenly states/countries were the result of the sudden influx of Akuto to the Heavens because of Yumemi's actions a year and a half ago, which drove most of them mad. It is for this reason that Gntarl seeks once more to acquire Yumemi and use her abilities to regulate the Akuto flow. Gass tries to stop his plans, but he is in a considerably more weakened state than before because of the stripping of his Outsider status following his assistance of Munto to get to the lower world. He loses an arm while trying to wipe out most of Gntarl's forces in his weakened state. He acknowledges to himself that he would need more help to stop Gntarl's plans after escaping. Gass finally appears once more in the Magical Kingdom, helping Munto fend off another attack, then sending him once more to the lower world to help protect Yumemi from getting abducted by Gntarl.

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