Munto is the ruler of the Magical Kingdom and the main male protagonist of the series. He deliberately falls to the dangerous Lower World in a desperate bid to contact Yumemi and save his people and the Heavenly World.


He is proud and stubborn to a fault, but also strong, courageous, and caring. In the second OVA, like Yumemi who sees his past, he sees hers in exchange, though unwillingly and subconsciously. It is implied that he has feelings for Yumemi as he tells her that she is the only one he wants to protect. This is because he grows closer to her, and every time he is thinking about or with her. This sense causes him to be even more hesitant to reach out for her help, and afraid that if he does, she would disappear in an instant. This theory terrified him enough to hesitate to contact her. It is Munto, this time, who is hesitating and unwilling to ask for help, but is eventually convinced that he must trust her, and his feelings begin to grow even more for her. This is shown to the extent in an extra at the end, as he comes back to see Yumemi, instead of staying behind to help out with his world, as Lady Ryuely states that he is making some preparations of his own. What these preparations are though, are not clear. Whenever Yumemi Hidaka is around him he always starts to slowly blush which goes the same to Yumemias well.

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