Loving is the final episode of the anime.


The Akuto automaton catches the falling Yumemi and her friends and flies them towards the pillar of light to assist Munto. Yumemi laughs the experience off, demonstrating the effects of the ritual Ryuely led her through. Gntarl is on the scene watching Munto energize the pillar of light as he computes his next move. Gntarl captures Ichiko and Suzume, and demands capitulation of Yumemi who decides to sacrifice herself. Much to everyone's surprise, Yumemi turns the tables on Gntarl with a harsh lecture on his misconduct. In spite of the turn of events, Yumemi is upbeat with the perspective that nothing has really been lost as long as the selfless spirit is protected. Yumemi is able to defeat Gntarl and regain her friends, though Munto cannot stop the pillar of light from fading. Afterwards, Yumemi and her friends offer their power to Munto, and the two worlds are finally stabilized and merged.

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