Gass (ガス Gasu) is the enigmatic Guardian of Time, Gass is described as an "Outsider", hinted by his and Irita's Arabic-themed clothing. Despite the dangers of overstepping his role, he allows Munto to slip through a hole in time to find Yumemi.

In the second OVA, because Gass allowed Munto to pass through time, his body slowly begins to rot away. This is because he neglected the role as a Guardian of Time during the first crisis, but is shown to accept this and continues to battle against the opposing forces against the Magical Kingdom. He seems to have given his powers to Munto when he punched him in the stomach, sending him hurtling down to Earth in the second OVA, because he left a mark similar to the ones that appear when he conjures his powers.


Gass is a strong-willed person but can be compassionate, as seen with Irita.

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