Fleeing is the 2nd episode of the anime.


Yumemi and Ichiko finally meet up with Kazuya by the riverside, where the latter states his intentions to "marry" Suzume. His decision, however, causes a bit of unrest and uneasiness for Suzume's friends, Yumemi in particular, because of her thinking that both of them were still too young for such responsibility and commitment. Yumemi also gets a lot of unexpected visits from Munto, asking her for her cooperation in saving the Heavens with her supposed power to control "Akuto", which adds more to her worries and confusion.

The following day after meeting with Kazuya, both Ichiko and Yumemi hear about Suzume and Kazuya's plan to cross a river to symbolize their "marriage". While both of them rush out to them, Yumemi gets interrupted once more by Munto, but this time while being pursued and attacked by the gold combat automaton sent after him by Gntarl. Meanwhile, both Suzume and Kazuya begin their venture out to cross the river.

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