Confronting is the 3rd episode of the anime.


Suzume and Kazuya begin crossing across the river, where they initially come across some resistance from some teachers who gave chase upon them, thinking they were going to commit suicide. Ichiko and Yumemi catch up to them, and cheer the two on as they make for the other riverbank, all while reminiscing about their past with Suzume.

Meanwhile, Munto is seen continuing his battle with the gold combat automaton, and it is seen in the Heavens that the Magical Kingdom is down to its last pillar after withstanding most of the attacks on it, despite Gass' attempts to protect it. As soon as Suzume and Kazuya finish their crossing of the river, the Heavens suddenly become visible to everyone else. This spurs Yumemi then to look once more for Munto and offer to help him this time, thinking that she holds her loved ones' futures in her hands with her abilities. She manages to come across a slowly disappearing and badly weakened Munto after his battle with the automaton. Yumemi singlehandedly crosses the space-time continuum upon Munto's instructions, reaching out to him before he completely disappeared, and at the same time restoring the proper flow of Akuto to the Heavens, saving it from destruction.

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